Why choose us?

We have assembled a dynamic team to help you every step of the way. Our many years of combined experience position us to provide broad and timely service to meet your needs.


Tom has been a licensed REALTOR since 2004. He received his BA in Recreation Administration from Southwest Texas State and after many years in recreation therapy made the transition to real estate sales. Tom and Shannon got their start owning rental properties. Their side ventures buying and selling their own properties soon turned into full time careers in real estate.


Shannon has been a licensed REALTOR since 2003. She received her BS in Chemistry from the University of WI-Stevens Point and her MS in Organizational Leadership and Quality from Marian College. She worked in the chemical industry for over a decade- holding positions in chemical quality control, quality assurance and product information management before moving into real estate.


Sue has been working with The Combs Team for over seven years and was in administration with RE/MAX for 28 years. She brings vast knowledge of the many systems that keep real estate moving and is able to stay organized though even the busiest and most complicated of transactions.


Megan has a background in real estate sales. Now her sole job on the team is to coordinate dates, deadlines, contingencies, and communicate with all of the parties to the contract to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


It is our mission to create amazing experiences and to exceed the expectations of our clients before, during and after the transaction.


We are committed to:


Listening to and respecting our clients’ goals

Sharing our knowledge and skills and

Building trust and long-term relationships

We focus on making the entire process positive and memorable; an experience that our clients are excited to tell their friends and family about.




HEARTS OF SERVICE | WE connect, listen, discover and assist everyone with love.


We listen with open minds and hearts

We share our knowledge and communicate openly and honestly. 

We do more than what is expected.

We believe that every interaction gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact


MINDS OF PROGRESS | WE explore, learn, innovate and transform with mastery in our field.


We constantly develop our skills and increase our knowledge

We are innovative and never satisfied with mediocrity.

We overcome obstacles with optimism and persistence.

We believe that every problem gives us the opportunity to emerge more capable.


LIVES OF PASSION | WE pursue, develop, express and smile with gratitude.


We greet each day with grateful hearts.

We behave with honesty and integrity at all times.

We always do our best and are driven to succeed.

We create amazing experiences for our clients.

We spread laughter and have fun.

We love what we do.